Rod Johnson Poem

Reflections On Our 35th Reunion

Found my old year book

  Turned the pages trying to remember names and how they looked.

Flipping the pages was a fun thing to do,

  I’ll be there and I hope they do too.

I have to admit I did remember the names of many,

  but couldn’t quite remember why and the associated memory.

And what about those I knew but they really never knew me?

  Will it be the same or will we all feel a mutual sense of camaraderie?

Surely by now my confidence in myself is a lot more

  and if I’m not having a great time I can just find the door.

With anticipation and a tinge of anxiety,

  making it to the reunion became a priority.

As I entered the Radisson for the party

  I made sure I got there early so I wouldn’t be tardy.

Will I be recognized or better yet, will I recognize friends from the past?

  Hope the names come easy without becoming a task.

Bumped into others that had done the same,

  we introduced ourselves and realized we should have known each other’s names.

I went alone, now that was pretty bold.

  Soon I was in a crowd, laughing and talking while holding raffle tickets I was sold.

The evening was full of sharing smiles and jogging memories of the past.

  More importantly showing interest in whom we have become with new memories to last.

We shared tales where God has taken us in 35 years that have gone by so very fast.

I heard about tough experiences as well adventures that were fantastic,

  interesting jobs some had while others in transition hoping for a little magic.

It was very natural to share with old friends and classmates I hardly knew,

  by evening’s end we all had a great time with hoarse voices too.

Those who could or would not come, there is a list.

  Don’t think that you weren’t talked about and missed.

Your names mentioned with comments of “the last I heard you were doing that or this”.

  In 2009 your company we will insist.

Thank you – the Reunion Committee,

  you provided a wonderful opportunity for many.

Gathering together to talk about the last 35 years with stories of plenty.

A very special night we had,

can’t wait for 2009 when hopefully more classmates we will add.

Rod Johnson